Get started

Step 1. Get your Andpay account

Get started with Andpay by creating your free account first. The account will give you access to your own payments dashboard, which will contain all the payments that created manually or via the Andpay API.

With the account you can make:

  • Test (actual) payments
  • Create an API Token, necessary for any integration
  • Create embeddable payments easily

Step 2. Choose your integration

There are a couple ways how you could integrate Andpay - Algorand Payments, within your own product. We offer a couple of out-of-the-box integrations available for you to integrate directly:

  • Accept mobile and web payments with our components, API or SDK's
  • Connect your existing services with the help of plugins via our own App Marketplace.

In the coming months, more integration options will be added to make it even more easier to connect Andpay - Algorand Payments with any Point of Sale, E-commerce or digital platform available.

Step 3. Start spreading the word

Now you've setup your first integration on top of Andpay. Either via embedding the payment screen, by sharing payment links or via the API.

You're now ready to spread the word that you accept Algo (and other ASA's) within your business! Congrats and happy selling!