Accepting Algo Payments

Andpay is the first pure payment service provider built on the Algorand blockchain. With the help of Andpay you'll be able to integrate Algo or any stablecoins / ASA's within your website, apps or e-commerce platforms.

If you'd like to implement Algo payments easily within your platform, app or (physical) shop, please checkout our Get Started with Andpay guide first. There you'll be able to accept Algo as a payment method in no-time.


We've developed a multitude of products with each it's unique solutions. Currently we release more products and integrations on a monthly basis.


Start accepting Algo paments directly within your app, website or e-commerce platform. Easily integrate it with our API or use one of our ready-to-use integrations or SDK's.

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Payment Requests

The most easiest way to requests payments in Algo or any other ASA (USDc, USDt, YLDY etc). Use the embed feature to implement it directly anywhere you want, with just one line of code. Or simply use the payment link/share button to share it with friends on Whatsapp, Telegram or any other service.

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Developer Tools

If you plan to start creating your own integrations directly onto Andpay. We recommend you to look into our Developer Tools > API section. There you'll see an overview on how our API is being constructed, how to connect plus an easy to use possibility to try out the Andpay API.

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