Integrating with Andpay

Integrating with Andpay

You can start integrating Andpay - Algorand Payments in a couple of different ways within your business or day-to-day life.

You could integrate directly on top of our platform with the help of the Andpay Payments API. But there are also options to use plugins developed or simply embeddable components that makes it easy to integrate it within your platform, having zero code knowledge.


With Zapier you'll be able to integrate the Algorand blockchain with 3000+ available apps via Zapier using Andpay. This will enable you to automate certain things. Such as receiving notifications for each payment received, automatically create new payment requests by a given action or store all payments in an Excel sheet for accounting purposes.

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We'll be soon launching the Woocommerce Andpay plugin which brings Algo (and other supported ASA's) to the Wordpress/Woocommerce ecosystem. E-commerce stores will then be able to start accepting Algo, USDt, USDc, EURe, YLDY and many more for their services and products.

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