Adding Algo Payments to Woocommerce

Woocommerce Gateway Andpay

With our Woocommerce Gateway Andpay plugin you'll be able to build your own Algo based store in no-time. Using our plugin you'll be able to setup Algo as your base currency and start accepting Algo payments for your physical or digital products.

Next to Algo, we also support:

  • USDt
  • USDc
  • EURe
  • YLDY
  • Planets
  • Smile Coin

{primary} Keep in mind: this plugin is meant to be used in a full Algo / ASA store. We're still working on adding support for USD / EUR based stores using stablecoins on the Algorand network.

Getting started

The most easy way to start installing Algo Payments by Andpay, is via the default Wordpress Plugin directory within your Wordpress environment.

Go to your Wordpress backend > Plugins > Search plugins... and search for "Algo Payments Andpay". There you can easily install the Algo Payments by Andpay within your own Wordpress & Woocommerce store.

Configuring your Andpay within Woocommerce

After you've installed the Algo Payments by Andpay plugin successfully. You can go to Woocommerce > Settings > Payments. Over there you should see a new payment method being added, named: ALGO Payments by Andpay.

Over here you need to perform a couple of steps:

  • Create your own API key in your Andpay user profile and fill it in the API Key section within the Payment sections inside Woocommerce.
  • Add the webhook endpoint listed on top of the Andpay settings page (within Woocommerce) to your own Andpay settings profile.
  • Add your own Wallet Address into the settings (make sure to validate the address twice) and save the form.

One last final step is necessary, which is to adjust your store currency to one of the supported ASA's on the Algorand blockchain. This can be done via Woocommerce > Settings, scrolling down to the Currency section and select Algo (or any of the other supported ASA's) as your store currency.

Now you're ready to start accepting Algo, YLDY, USDt within your own Algo based store!

Do a test order

We highly encourage you to do at least one simple test order of your implementation. Just to make sure the implementation is done right, the right amount of funds end up in your chosen wallet and the consumer receives the final product.