Start using Pay by Link

How to implement pay by link

Pay by Link is the most easy way to start integrating Algo Payments into your business. By simply sharing a payment link to your customers, you can get yourself ready in no-time.

Step 1: create your payment

First go to and fill in:

  • The amount (in Algo or other ASA)
  • Your wallet address
  • Your name
  • Message (optional)
  • Whether it a multi-payment


Upon entering your wallet address, you'll notice that we perform a validation check on the blockchain to make sure the address is correct. In case the address isn't valid, you won't be able to proceed.

{info} Tip: enable multi-payment if you expect to receive multiple payments. This will be the go-to option for recurring payments, donations etc.

Step 2: Share your payment link or QR Code

That's all! Now you can copy the link or use the Whatsapp / Telegram icons to easily share your payment link with others and get paid in Algo.

If you'd like you could also copy the QR Code, print it out and let people scan that with their regular QR Scanner to end up on the payment page.

It doesn't get any easier than this!