Algorand Standard Asset Support

Algorand Standard Assets

Algorand Standard Assets are on-chain assets that benefit the exact same features as Algo likely: security, compatibility, speed and ease of use.

With ASA's organisations, developers and individuals can easily mint their own on-chain assets representing stablecoins, loyalty points, system credits, in-game points and even real-estate equity.

Currently at andpay we decided to only support the most popular ASA's, next to Algo:

  • USDt / USD by Tether
  • USDc / USD by Circle
  • EURe / Euro by Monerium
  • YLDY / Yieldly
  • Smile / Smile Coin
  • Planets / Planet Token

This means that next to receiving Algo, you could also get paid in USD(t/c), EUR or any of the other supported tokens. We'll include support for more and more ASA's in the coming months. In case your own ASA is not listed yet, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll review your request.