Embeddable Components

Embeddable components

Embeddable components are a low-code solution offered by Andpay to be able to accept Algorand payments easily. It usually doesn't need more than a simple copy-paste of some HTML code, which you can inject on your platform/website anywhere you want.

If you don't know how to add a piece of HTML to your website, make sure to share this documentation with your developer.

Embed Payment View

Embedding the payment view is the most complete way to start accepting Algorand payments. You only need one line of code which you can inject anywhere on your platform, without taking too much time.

{primary} Make sure to create your payment with multi-payments enabled. This will make sure that the payment process the consumer experience will be slightly different than for single payment requests.


After you've reached the payment created screen, you'll notice the button with < >. Tapping on this will show a pop-up with your specific embed code that you need to copy-paste into your website or platform.


We advice to keep the width and height of a minimum of 400 x 600. This will ensure the best payment experience for your customers.