Start accepting Algo Payments

Algo Payments by Andpay

At Andpay we've set ourselves the core focus on building the most pure payment service provider available on the Algorand blockchain. This means that unlike other PSP's, Andpay will integrate the Algorand blockchain at it's full capacity.

This should all lead towards getting paid in Algo more easier for consumers, business and individual users.

The Algorand blockchain, with it's 4.5 seconds block finality, secure and reliable network is perfectly suitable for becoming the defacto payment infrastructure used in our day-to-day lives.

Start accepting Algo payments

You have a couple of options to start accepting Algo payments within your business. Therefore we offer:

  • Pay by Link => simply sending payment links to your consumers which then will be able to complete that in no-time.
  • Embeddable Components => we offer a couple of embeddable components which will make it easy to receive Algo payments on your platform.
  • API Integration => in case you're looking for a more custom integration, use our Andpay API.
  • App Marketplace => we add more and more 3rd party integrations to our App Marketplace on a monthly basis.