One link. Accept Algo anywhere

Using a single link (or QR Code) you can accept Algo anywhere you want. In-store, on your platform, app or website.

Payments for every business
Easy to integrate - using our API or one of our compatible integrations.
Fast and secure
Leveraging the full Algorand blockchain for fast and secure payments.
Payments are direct from sender and receiver - no middleman involved.
Sharply priced
Pay as your grow. No upfront costs or monthly memberships.

Create a link

With the help of Payment Links you can easily start selling products, service or receive donations. All using the Algorand blockchain, using Algo or any other available ASA.

Share a link

Paste or embed your link anywhere you want. This makes it easy for your consumers to pay you in Algo.

Get paid in Algo

The funds will be transferred directly from the sender their wallet to the receiver (you). This means that you'll get paid out within seconds, rather than days.


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