Andpay API

Andpay API

If you're looking for a more custom in-dept integration with Andpay, you can use our easy-to-implement API. With the Andpay API you'll be able to do all the things that you can also do via the interface of

This will make it possible for you to integrate Andpay - Algorand Payments for instance within your mobile apps, platforms, SaaS business or anywhere you want.


The structure of the Andpay API is plain and simple. We've divided the API into different modules:

Payments API
The payments module operating on the /payments/ path where you can easily create and find payments.

Transaction API
The transaction module will provide you more detailed insights on specific transactions. Available via /transactions/

Currency API
The currency API will give you easy insights on which currencies are supported by Andpay. Could be to easily integrate within your own user-interface (including icons). Available via /currencies/


In order to get started with the Andpay API, you'll need to obtain an API Key first. This can be easily achieved by signing up on and then click on the & icon in the top-right corner. There you see API Tokens where you can create your very first API Token.

The API Token will be necessary to connect with your Andpay account via the API or any 3rd party service that you're planning to use. We advise to create and manage separate API Tokens for each service, which makes it easier to refresh or delete them in a later stage.

Once you've obtained your API Token, you need to store this in a secure way (as it provides certain access to your account).

Try out Andpay API

In order to play around with our API, we provide an interactive playground using Swagger.

This can be found on Over there you can identify yourself with the previously obtained API Token.


The Andpay API has taken versioning as part of the path you connect. The base url is: /api/v1/{API module}/ This means that new versions will be deployed by a change in the v1 to potentially v2. However, we don't expect this to happen very soon.

All new features and adjustments will always be deployed with backwards compatibility.